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Dance is back on Stage With Alessandra Corona Performing Works

After months finally dance is back on stage! Here Alessandra Corona, former principal dancer with Ballet Hispanico, tell us her story about going back to perform with her company and dance at the time of Covid19.
In person Performance at the Theater St Jean (150 E 76th Street, New York, NY 10021) May 6th at 7:30pm.

“Alessandra Corona Performing Works, is a repertory dance company based in New York City. I founded this company in 2012 to showcase stimulating and emotionally engaging choreography through the integration of dance, music, theter and visul media.
Therepertoir includes creations by European and American choreographers. The company performs internationally and in March 2020,
we were very excited about creating our new production. Unexpectedly, on March 13, during our rehearsl a Mark Morris studios,
we were informed that all further rehearsals there had to be cancelled, without any specific information on rescheduling.
We were shocked and a bit confused about our next steps.
We were scheduled to have a performance of “Labyrinth ” choreographed by myself with the collaboration of my dancers and “Breaking through the Generational Curse” choreographed by Maiya Redding in April 2020. This performance was also cancelled .
After that, we learned that there was no coming back to the studio or the theater for a very long time.
While we could not go to the studio anymore, I taught ballet classes to the company dancers online to keep them connected and physically prepared.
It was difficult for all of us to move freely within the confines of our living quarters. We decided to make a short video “We can still Dance- Phase1” with each dancer choreographing and performing a brief sequence of movements within a confined space. When the weather improved in the summer, we made “We can still Dance- Phase 2” outdoors with the New York City skyline as background. These projects helped keep the dancers engaged and motivated and we remained optimistic about returning to the stage; also they helped to support the dancers as other sources of income became more tenuous.

In January of 2021, we presented a 5-minute segment of “Labyrinth” which was filmed outdoors and was featured online at the Booking Dance Festival .
We then found one studio where we could restart the rehearsals on a limited basis (twice a week). Before every rehearsal, the dancers had to take a COVID test and sign a health release form. During the rehearsals, everyone had to wear a mask and close contact was limited. This naturally affected the choreography. In a sense, the pandemic highlighted the emotions evoked by isolation, a major theme of “Labyrinth” and external events also were reflected in the theme of the individual struggle for freedom and the awakening of love. The labyrinth is symbolic of the inward journey of endless self-discovery.
During this process, I enjoyed collaborating with the music composer to create an original score, and working with the visual artists on the video backdrops.
The pandemic made it necessary to explore different choreographic approaches in unusual settings.
Finally, after a full year, we are very excited to be back in the theater at St. Jean Baptiste in New York City for the live premiere of these two new works on May 6.
The second part of the program , “Breaking through the Generational Curse” explores family dynamics and shows one family’s struggle to break destructive cycles that are passed down through generations”.

A. Corona

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