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Cesare Vangeli and the American Stars and Stripes

Director, choreographer, dancer, actor, and multifacted performer Cesare Vangeli conquers New York and the USA with his contemporary vision of the great art of Italian musical comedy theater.

Vangeli, a native of Cosenza, is a popular teacher of tap dance, with engagements throughout Europe and overseas for advanced training and tap workshops.   He is founder and director of Lim (Laboratory of the Italian Musical) in Rome, and teacher of classes for beginners of all ages to professionals.   Vangeli was recently in Washington DC, USA, for Casa Italiana and the Smatch Association with his show “Swing & Tomato,” which premiered in 2016 at the Cafe de la Danse in Paris.  On stage, the unpredictable Vangeli dances, clowns, mimes, and cooks on stage in a tribute to his Mediterranean origins.

Now, with a touch of irony and in collaboration with RAI Italia, he brings stories of Italians that combine both traditions and new lifestyles, to venues in New York, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles.

And, down the pipeline, Vangeli is preparing a show with an all-Italian flavor, which speaks of the vicissitudes of many countrymen who conquered America.   Entitled “One Minute With Me!”, the show features the great American dance styles of Charleston, Swing, Boogie, and Tap.

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