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Activism at the Joyce theater

Dance Demand Action was an incredible evening of performances, aligning art with activism for the same purpose, a collaboration between New York based dance companies and the partner organization “Everytown for gun Safety” to support “Moms Demand Action for gun Sense in America”.

The show opened with sixteen young dancers, the Z Artists Group, performing “Education” choreographed by Joelle Cosentino. The beauty and the perfection of this performance left me breathless and eager to see more. The music, written by Johann Johannson, was a dramatic violin crescendo that led to an intense climax of emotions.

Next was Complexions Contemporary Ballet with “Woke”, choreographed by Dwight Rhoden. The powerful movements of the three athletic dance couples, the compelling music by Moses Sumney, and the endearing verses from Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne’s songs, made for a performance of passion and power.

A vibrant Latin duo followed the program with “An American Story”, choreographed and performed by Denys Drozdyuk and Antonina Skobina, danced to the timeless voice of Tina Turner.  The exceptional dance skills and the complicity between the dancers provided an uplifting and cheerful moment on the program.

The energy stayed high with Mr. Caleb Teacher’s “Great Heights”, that gave us a funny and high level Tip Tap technique performance. Starting as an awkward boy trying to stay clumsily upright on his tall shoes, he suddenly transformed in an energetic dance expertly performed in a pair of high heels.

Contemporary dance returned with “Tempest of Memory”, performed by Pavement Dance and choreographed by Christopher Kinsley and Maggie Costales.  On the evocative notes of “Outro” by the dream pop musician M83, the five dancers gave us a heartbreaking and nostalgic performance, living deep memories in a storm of emotions.

Now, in a little break from the dance world, we enjoyed a pleasant vocal rendering by Mario Spinetti, accompanied by Brooks Harrell at the piano, of the song  “What a Wonderful World” notes, re-arranged by Spinetti himself.Robert Battle’s “Strange Humors” performed by the herculean physiques of Samuel Lee Roberts and Michael Francis McBride was one of most powerful performances of the night.  The tremendous technique and downright courage required to execute Mr. Battle’s choreography is evident when the two dancers fall completely flat straight back on the floor. A very strong exhibition performed to rhythmic and exotic Middle Eastern music by John Mackey.Mary Grace McNally was the choreographer of the MG+ARTISTS’s “Not for Picking”, a dance for six women on songs by Judy Garland and Nicholas Britell.

This was followed by short speeches from three Z Artists Group’s girls who then introduced the last performance, a brightly danced “Wake” by Jonathan Campbell and Austin Diaz performed by Madboots Dance to music by Arthur Russel’s.

I often think of dance performances as a step away from reality. Last night Joelle cosentino was able to talk about something very real and important giving us a show that was able to uplift ourself from gruel reality. But still talked about it.

I left the theater with information I didn’t know before; I left the theater as a new member of “Moms Demand Action” and with hope for young  generation to be active in the world and not just “dancers”I really hope to see more performance of this type.

Brava Ms Cosentino.

Grande successo dell
Cesare Vangeli and t
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