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Alessandra Corona works back on stage!

On May 6 Alessandra Corona Performing Works came back on stage at the  theater at St. Jeans (150 east 76th street) with two world premieres! What a great joy to see dancers performing live.The show was graciously introduced by Jody Kaplan, booking agent for the company, who spoke of the company’s success with a recent film that it released. The first work on the program “Labyrinth”, choreographed by the artistic director Alessandra Corona explores the struggle of two lovers. The piece starts with a visual of people crossing a wall, a society that moves forward no matter what, enclosed in their lives and in their fates.

A society that interacts but is not always connected. Geometrical movement and specific path ways reinforce the feeling of struggle and loneliness, but the flexibility of the dancers and the lyrical movements are undoubtedly showing the will and need of freedom. In the next section the detached society now becomes like a family, a very powerful section, where the group is now on the floor and a man and a women are wearing white skirts with long strings attached. They appeared to me to be like umbilical cords that the dancers where using to create more geometrical shape, more labyrinth of our mind or of our ancestors, struggling to move in and out. Perhaps they represented family relationships or perhaps paths of our lives that we are destined to play out.

The music by Thomas Lentakis was very sexy and captivating emphasizing every moment of the choreography and giving the work a deeper value and emotion. The Second work “Breaking through the Generational Curse,” choreographed by Maiya Redding, explores the family dynamic. The work shows a family evolving through a long journey though love, jealousy, support, regret, forgiveness. It explores the struggle to break free from a bad cycle. The generosity of the dancers and Alessandra Corona’s performance brought the evening to high level of energy and transcendent beauty. Looking forward to more performances of Alessandra Corona Performance Works.

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